When the summer arrives you will probably want to make the most of every minute of daylight with your little ones, so here are some great toys for them to play with in the garden.

Wooden toys for 1-2 years

1. Colourful bead frame

Perhaps one of the most traditional toys, a bead frame helps babies to fine tune their colour recognition and motor skills. These toys are simple but can provide hours of fun, with suction pads underneath the base so that the frame can be attached to a high chair tray, table or floor for stability.

2. Pull along duck duo

A beautifully-designed wooden toy that is both perfect for new walkers and those stable on their feet. Your little ones' faces will light up as they pull along the pair of ducks and hear their feet flap on the ground.

3. Peg puzzle

A puzzle with bright, bold and chunky jigsaw pieces is a great way to let your baby or toddler learn about shapes and colour, and develop their coordination. The hardy design means that the puzzle is safe from hazardous objects but also perfect for little fingers to grab.

4. Activity walker

An activity walker is great for kids taking their first steps, but is also a brilliant source of entertainment for those sitting up on their own. The activity panel features a range of textures, noises and colours to be discovered, plus the structure is strong enough for your little ones to balance on as they master the standing position.

Wooden toys for toddlers

5. Building blocks

Building blocks are perfect for both girls and boys and can be very diverse. Children can stack them, build objects, role play and best of all, they can be used individually or as a shared activity.

6. Xylophone

A wooden xylophone combines a rainbow of colours with a spectrum of musical notes. Children will love to bang on the keys and discover which sound rings out. Plus, as they begin to better understand the musical chart, they will be able to memorise pieces of music.

7. Noah's Ark

A complete Noah's Ark set provides endless play opportunities, plus it looks lovely. With bright colours and a range of animals, this educational toy can help toddlers to gain language skills and learn about storytelling.

Wooden toys for older children

8. Skittles

A set of six wooden skittles are the perfect addition to any outdoors play area and can provide fun for all the family. While your children learn to coordinate throwing or rolling a ball with control, adults can also compete with one another.

9. Yacht

If you want a toy that can be taken out of the garden, then why not consider a miniature sailing boat which will look great on the surface of a pond or river. Its sails are made from real sail cloth and it is guaranteed to float, as long as it doesn't become too breezy!

10. Tea set

Finally, for boys and girls who love to role play, why not get a tea-set with multiple pieces including a teapot, cups and saucers. These sets are great for play in groups but can also provide a lovely setting for a pretend tea party with toys.