With Christmas fast approaching, you may be wondering what unique gift you can give to your children, grandchildren, friends' children or nephews and nieces. Wooden toys are naturally more robust than those made from other materials and, in most cases, have more of an appeal to parents because they look attractive around the house.

Take a look at our list of the 15 loveliest toys to give as gifts this Christmas.

1. Nativity Set: 

What better time to give your loved one a nativity set than on this seasonal holiday? The fantastic set includes a manger, the three wise men and, of course, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

2. Noah's Ark: 

Another festive delight is this stunning Noah's Ark set. The best thing about this item is that you or other friends and family members can buy additional animal pairs for occasions to come.

3. Tambourine: 

Do you have a musical maestro in the family? Consider this baby and toddler percussion instrument (if you can stand the noise!)

4. Numerical Horse Puzzle: 

A pretty and educational toy, this colourful puzzle fits together to form a horse while encouraging little ones to count.

5. Pull Along Triple Play Train: 

If your little rascal loves to run around the house, then they will love this pull-along train complete with three joined-up vehicles.

6. Musical Bear Xylophone: 

For those who like a tune, allow them to let their creativity run wild with this musical toy.

7. Flower Skipping Rope:

Encourage older children to be active with this cute floral skipping rope. The beauty of this item is that it can be used alone or when playing with groups of friends.

8. Magnetic Aeroplane: 

Interest in planes, trains and cars normally starts from an early age. With this magnetic toy, children can experiment with removing and replacing parts like the plane's wings.

9. White Castle Plaque And Letters: 

While this is more of a decorative item, the princess castle plaque can be personalised, adding a touch of originality to a bedroom or playroom.

10. Red Train Plaque And Letters: 

Once again, this bold plaque can be ordered with any name displayed on its carriage. A truly unique and thoughtful gift for any enthusiast.

11. Coloured Building Blocks: 

Here is a perfect present for our smallest customers, with 30 bright building blocks of all shapes.

12. Activity Cube: 

If you are after a sensory gift for a developing baby or toddler, take a look at the activity cube, which offers a range of pleasing textures, noises and visuals to enjoy.

13. Baby Activity Walker: 

To distract mobile toddlers from getting into drawers and cupboards, why not give them an activity walker to focus their attention on. The look on their face as they walk around with their very own trolley will be priceless!

14. Sensory Shapes: 

Yet another toy focused on stimulating the senses, this fun toy helps young ones to discover different shapes, colours and textures.

15. Doll's House, Furniture And Dolls Playset: 

A toy for both boys and girls, let the little ones roleplay using the included characters. With bedroom, kitchen and bathroom furniture too, there are hours of fun to be had with this stunning set.