Toddlers have inquisitive minds and love to explore and learn about the world around them. There are so many wonderful toys which little ones will have hours of fun playing with, which at the same time help to develop hand eye coordination, language and reasoning skills, and teach children how to share and take turns. If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift idea for a toddler, take a look at some of our favourites, which are sure to be a big hit when opened on Christmas Day.

Inspire a toddler’s imagination with bright and colourful building block sets, which come in a variety of themes including a zoo, farm, fairies and even a London scene, complete with famous landmarks and the iconic red London bus. These are great for creating fantasy lands, and little ones will love interacting with the characters and talking about their creation.They are perfect for helping to develop language skills and hand eye coordination, as children build and stack the blocks.

Toddlers love to make a noise and what better way to inspire creativity in budding musicians than a cute bear xylophone , which features colourful bars on his tummy for little ones to compose their very own tunes. Add a wooden drum or a tambourine for extra rhythm and your little musical maestro will be well on their way to forming their very first band!

Puzzles are always fun for either playing alone or sharing with friends, and they help develop reasoning skills, as well as hand eye coordination. The magnetic dinosaur puzzle features colourful dinosaur pieces to place on the puzzle board, and comes with a magnetic rod for an extra fun challenge to remove and add the pieces with. It’s ideal for little ones to talk about the friendly dinosaur characters, guess what noises they would make and learn about colours. Puzzles are also perfect to have to hand for rainy day play, when it’s too wet or cold to venture outside.

All aboard! The colourful triple play train  is made of chunky wood which is easy for little hands to hold as they discover the fun activities which include rotating wheels with rattling beads, a squeaky funnel and a friendly driver at the front . The train can be used as a push along vehicle or pulled along by the short cord as your little one toddles around.

Imagine the squeals of delight when your toddler opens their present on Christmas morning and discovers a bright and colourful Noah’s Ark . This beautifully crafted wooden ark comes complete with pairs of cute animals and, of course, Mr and Mrs Noah. Perfect for imaginative play, children can help to count the animals on board the Ark and make sure they are safe and comfortable inside before they set sail. They can also help the animals to talk to each other by roaring like the lion, or trumpeting like the elephant. Playing with the Ark will help develop numerical and language skills, as well as hand eye coordination and colour recognition.