Baby and Infant toys also encompasses toys that have moving parts - or that move themselves. Walkers, push-alongs and pull-alongs all stimulate the urge to be active and these can encourage a little one to start moving and taking their first steps in a way that is both fun and motivational.

Infant toys also help to encourage visual tracking and co-ordinate a baby's eye movements with their body movements. They should encourage a baby to start using the sense of touch.

Heather Beattie - Play Services Manager at the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital gives the following advice: "Play is important for any child of any age, it just needs to be appropriate play. Toys that encourage movement of arms and legs, and will strengthen the baby's back and neck, are important. Musical and noisy toys will attract the attention of babies and benefit language development. Music can also calm and soothe a child. Tactile playthings, with different feels and textures, are also a useful part of play."