There is a wealth of toys available for young children; however, making the right choice can be difficult. Toddlers and small children require more complex stimulation as they move on from their baby toys, with their more developed sense of imagination taking play to a whole new level. Choosing toys that nurture their sensory development while providing fun can be a challenge, so here are some ideas for the perfect gifts for two- to three-year-olds this Christmas.

Magnetic Plane

This beautifully painted wooden plane gives two toys for the price of one. The plane comes in six pieces and can be put together by your child. It is assembled using strong magnets that hold its parts securely in place. Once assembled, the pilot and plane are free to fly at the hands of your little one (aka mission control).

Solar System Wooden Jigsaw

Made from traditional materials and using bright colours, this toy comes from a range of educational products to encourage basic problem solving while firing the imagination. What child does not dream of the stars? With its planets, rocket and astronauts, this puzzle has everything to help create dreams of exploration.

Wooden Noah’s Ark

This bright and colourful toy brings exotic animals to play two by two. The animals can be placed in the ark or removed to roam free while Noah and his wife keep a watchful eye. The diverse range of animals is painted with bright colours and each has a friendly appearance.

Musical Bear Xylophone

Children love music and joining in with music. This instrument allows them to begin to create melodies and helps to further develop hand to eye coordination. Set in a friendly bear surround and incorporating the colours of the rainbow, this is a great first instrument for a toddler or young child.

Wooden Skittle Set

Skittles is a fun game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. With little skill required, everyone can topple a pin or two. This game can be bought in one of many themes to introduce colour and familiarity through a much-loved animal or character.

London Car Set

This is a set of seven wooden vehicles of various types, including a bus, fire engine and police car. This is an excellent toy for imaginative youngsters to incorporate with their existing play buildings or for creating a town of their own to patrol and manage.

Fairy Tales Dolls House

This traditional toy is given an imaginative twist and offers endless play. Accessories included with the doll’s house are tables and chairs, beds and a sofa, trees for the garden, and two dolls with moving legs. Doll’s houses have long inspired play and this beautiful example incorporates fairy tales into the mix.

Traditional Toy Sailing Yacht

This is a beautiful yacht that evokes thoughts of far-off adventure and treasure. The yacht comes with a stand for easy display, but is most at home in the water. It can be played with in outdoor water features, such as a pond or swimming pool, or at home in the bath.