Ever Earth

EverEarth is an eco-friendly wooden toy brand. Their mission is to provide children all over the world with safe, eco-friendly and wholesome wooden toys. They strive to accomplish this by minimising waste and utilizing recyclable resources and continually endeavour to reinvent the way they create their products and the precious resources that have been consumed.

Pioneering sustainability through corporate accountability is one of the ongoing core philosophies at EverEarth.

Plant a Tree

EverEarth is the only toy manufacturer globally who owns a FSC certified forest. If you purchase an EverEarth toy then a tree will be planted in your name in their forest and if you register your details then you will get a certificate for your child. One Toy, One Tree, One Planet! Full details of the Plant a Tree campaign can be found on our dedicated Plant a Tree page.

Free App to Download

Download the Plant a Tree App which is a fun game for children and adults! Help the squirrel plant some trees for the forest.

Our full range of EverEarth Wooden Toys can be seen below:

Ever Earth